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About Us

“" was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2015. It’s an international used vehicles trading platform created by a group of professional, young car people from all over the world.
We have mature used vehicle distribution channels in North American and even the world.


Over the years, our platform has sold thousands of used vehicles and provided professional services to more than 10,000 customers of various types.

We love cars, and use our professional experience and dedicated attitude to help customers make the matter of
“ selling used car ”easier. 


Due to business expansion, we are sincerely recruiting people of insight, with favorable treatment and broad development prospects.


Marketing Assistant 2:

Familiar with new media operations, community operations, and marketing related fields, and have a certain understanding of automobiles. Assist in the development and maintenance of car sources and related channels, fluent in English, under 40 years old, male or female.


2 car appraisers:

Familiar with cars and their working principles, able to diagnose general equipment problems and failures of cars, understand the market prices of used cars of various brands, be good at communication, and have relevant work experience is preferred. You can send your resume to the email below, or contact us by phone or WeChat. ​Looking forward to your joining!

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